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At KINETIK, We strive to deliver TRUE wellness to our patients. We do this through use of dietary services, comprehensive testing, lifestyle assessments, weight loss programs, wellness services, meal plans, and monthly accountability programs.


Our Registered Dietitian, is experienced and educated in nutrition and physiology (how the body utilizes nutrition). Whether you are wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, seeking medical intervention, a change in body composition, or fueling for performance, we’ve got your back. Once a baseline is established, our Dietitian will tailor a nutrition and dietary guideline to meet your specific needs. Remember, nutrition and diet are a key component to a healthy lifestyle and optimal performance.


At KINETIK our partners and providers create individualized training plans tailored to our client’s fitness goals.  An appropriate assessment of neuromuscular, mental and personal goals is performed on the initial session followed by a tailored plan that conveniently fits into our client’s daily routine and optimizes his/her lifestyle goals.


We offer an assortment of training classes from small group and large group settings, to personal training to accommodate the comfort level and fitness goals of our clients. Our dynamic, fun, results-oriented workouts combine resistance training, cardio workouts, plyometrics, core training, functional fitness and flexibility and no work out is ever the same!

Whether our clients are wanting to lose weight, live well, compete, or sustain gains; our committed, friendly and devoted team of doctors, providers, and former professional athletes are available to transform fitness goals to reality.


Our innovative approach provides the best in physical rehabilitation, recovery, and chiropractic care.


KINETIK's In House Chiropractor, will perform a Functional Movement Screening to establish a baseline and identify compensatory movement patterns that are indicative of increased injury risk and inefficient movement, which are sacrificing an athlete's performance. This information will be utilized to tailor your training and improve your performance capabilities.

Parents and Athletes will receive education and training for proper recovery and rehab, as well as valuable injury prevention education to keep your athlete in the game and performing optimally.