There has never a better time to take your health into your own hands. Nutrition is 80% of the battle in weight management, disease prevention, and longevity. Your wellness is a priority and it's time to take care of your nutrition now. If you are just starting out in your nutrition journey, this is the place for you to get back on track.

HI! My name is Kayley

I have passion for educating children, athletes, and families about healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Following a no-diet approach, I helps clients achieve changes that are realistic and practical for their lifestyle. I graduated from Baylor University with a B.S. in Nutrition Sciences and completed my dietetic internship through the University of Houston. I've completed a Master's Certificate in Public Health from UT School of Public Health and now pursuing a Master's degree in Nutrition from Texas Woman's University. After completing my dietetic internship, I worked to build my dream career through freelancing and entrepreneurship. In 2017, I launched À La Carte Nutrition in Missouri, City Texas to offer fresh, family-oriented prepped dinners as well as private chef services for families who don’t have time to prepare healthy meals. At the same time, I established in-home counseling services for patients who felt comfortable working in their own home. In addition to working for my own private practice, I also added contractor positions with H-E-B, Kinetik and the Athlete Stop to diversify my services and reach in the Houston area.


Whether you are wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, seeking medical intervention, a change in body composition, or fueling to maximize performance, we’ve got your back. Once a baseline is established, Kayley George, Registered Dietitian,  will tailor a nutrition and dietary guidelines to meet your specific needs. Remember, nutrition and diet are a key component to optimal health, wellness, and performance! We Welcome Couples, Athletes, and Individuals looking to EatSmarter, TrainHarder, & RecoverFaster!

Comprehensive Testing

Working HARD but not seeing the results you are looking for. Comprehensive Nutritional testing is critical to improving wellness, lifestyle, weight loss, medical intervention, and optimizing performance. Our Nutritional testing includes but is not limited to: Micro-Nutrient Testing, Body Composition, Resting Metabolic Rate, Food Sensitivity, and Lifestyle Assessments.


Work Smarter, Not Harder and get a full comprehensive nutritional assessment today. 

Weight Loss Challenge

The 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge begins with a Nutrition Consultation with KINETIK's Registered Dietitian. Here, we will establish a baseline with your current body composition to create the most appropriate nutrition plan for your fitness needs as it relates to your weight loss goal. Our program provides tangible and valuable information from meal plans to recipes, grocery lists, nutritional guidelines,  and many other valuable tools to save time, save money, reduce stress, and ensure you get sustainable RESULTS!