KINETIK’s team is comprised of current and former athletes and competitors. We have a passion for ensuring our clients maximize their fitness goals and understand the impact this has on their lives.   Our Training Classes offer an array of  training techniques included but not limited to High Intensity Training, Circuit Training, Boot Camp, Yoga, and Performance Training; Always Ensuring that NO WOKROUT IS THE SAME! We aim to keep you Motivated, Engaged, and Accountable. "If you want something you've NEVER had, you've got to do something you've NEVER done!" To Learn More about our Unlimited Group Fitness Membership, Sign Up For a Free Fitness Session.



KINETIK's Pro Performance Membership is the ultimate training experience for athletes looking to take their performance to the next level.  Unlike any other programs available, KINETIK's providers take a collaborative approach to optimizing an athlete's competitive advantage through UNLIMITED performance training provided by former professional athletes, WEEKLY innovative physical rehab and recovery sessions with our In-House Chiropractor, and MONTHLY performance fueling assessments and meal plans with our In-House Registered Dietitian. We collaborate to reduce injury, improve functional movement, and keep athletes fueled, healthy, and in the game both on and off the field. Sign Up for a FREE Performance Training Session to Learn More about our Camps & Memberships



KINETIK takes an innovative approach to your performance goals. Our goal is to get our athletes and fitness enthusiasts to perform at their peak physical capabilities. Whether that be getting fit, competing, or hitting a record race time; we offer the critical recovery needed to prevent injury, improve recovery times, and improve your performance. 

Our Athletic Recovery Membership provides weekly, 30 minute recovery sessions that are tailored to the needs of the athlete and can entail but are not limited to mobility stretching, compression therapy, percussion therapy, active rehab, myofascial release, sports massage, and cryotherapy. 



KINETIK's Wellness Membership is your first step in leading a  healthier lifestyle. We make it affordable, and we give you access to innovative, collaborative care providers that will support you in this journey, keep you motivated, keep you moving and maintaining an active lifestyle. Your membership will include the following: Unlimited Group Fitness Classes, Weekly Chiropractic Care, and Monthly Nutrition Consultations with Dietitian including meal plans. 



KINETIK Express is a monthly, Chiropractic membership that entails weekly chiropractic adjustments. This service is to improve range of motion and decrease patient's pain levels.  This should be utilized for routine maintenance  and a supplemental service to an existing treatment plan.  Our apologies for any inconvenience, but ONLY established patients my book this service as a thorough exam and review of medical history is required prior to joining. 

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