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KINETIK Welcomes ALESHA GAVIRIA, LIcensed Massage Therapist!

Alesha Gaviria’s passion for optimal movement and wellness, led her to the massage therapy industry in 2002. Her multi-faceted background entails experience as a physical therapist assistant and later a massage therapist for a Chiropractic clinic, where she honed her post-surgical specialty.

She has spent the last decade in mobile massage and traveling to her clients in need. However, she has since joined KINETIK, as she understands the importance of clients having an office and environment outside of their normal routine to relax and heal. Alesha is critical to the collaborative care model that KINETIK provides.

Alesha offers her services to a vast range of clients and competitors, from sports/deep tissue massages to relieve pain to post-surgical recovery, to professional athletes, and all those clients in need that lie in between.

“Everyone needs a massage tailored to and for their specific needs”