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Trainer, Founder of TD3 Fitness


  • First Team All-Conference/All-American (McNeese State University 95')

  • 9 year Pro Football Player (NFL/AFL)

  • Coaching Experience (All Levels)

  • Fitness Director (NASA-JSC) 6 years

  • Internship, Oakland Raiders (Strength & Conditioning Coach)

  • CPR/AED Certified

  • Founder/Trainer @ TD3 Fitness 7 years



KINETIK is comprised of doctors, providers, and former professional athletes. We work with youth, high school, college and professional athletes to develop and optimize performance results. We offer both individual, small group, and class settings; and we work with athletes from every major sport including position work in football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, track and in field, lacrosse and hockey.

Our mission is to be develop and educate athletes to reach performance goals on and off the field, serve as ambassadors to the athletics and sports performance community, while being dedicated as positive role models for young athletes.


Our athletic performance training is comprised of the most cutting-edge speed and agility, strength and conditioning, and jump training available in the performance community. All athletes will begin training with a Functional Movement Screening to determine the best performance plan, tailored to the athlete’s performance goals.  We offer an assortment of performance training class formats, from small group and large group settings, to private training sessions, all designed to accommodate the performance goals of the athlete.


Working with KINETIK, athletes have a variety of access options to Chiropractic Care, Physical Rehabilitation, Performance Nutrition, Athletic Recovery, Sports Massage Therapy, and an array of Educational Seminars hosted monthly.


Eat Smarter, Train Harder, Recover Faster



In Season training is instrumental in maintaining strength, power, agility and flexibility, reduce injury, increase recovery time, decreases soreness, increases muscle recovery, adjusts imbalances  that  derive from the repetitive movement an athlete experiences in-season, improves focus and performance.



Off-Season training is a critical component in preparing for a successful in season game and preventing injury. Our program is compiled of agility, speed, power, strength and conditioning, stretching and flexibility, recovery, performance nutrition education, and injury prevention education. 


Athletic Recovery is the most important aspect of any performance training program and is often dismissed for its' contribution to optimal performance.  Recovery is  essential to reducing muscle soreness, reducing injury, increasing recovery time, and improving overall performance. The key components of recovery are cold, heat, massage, compression, nutrition, hydration and rest. 



Those who play the most in a game situation are the athletes who have a combination of speed, agility and power. Let us teach you how to improve your vertical jump and explosiveness in your sport. We implement the most effective training and explosive techniques resulting in a more consistent, effective and dominate athlete



At KINETIK our partners and providers create individualized training plans tailored to our client’s fitness goals.  An appropriate assessment of neuromuscular, mental and personal goals is performed on the initial session followed by a tailored plan that conveniently fits into our client’s daily routine and optimizes his/her lifestyle goals.


We offer an assortment of training classes from small group and large group settings, to personal training to accommodate the comfort level and fitness goals of our clients. Our dynamic, fun, results-oriented workouts combine resistance training, cardio workouts, plyometrics, core training, functional fitness and flexibility and no work out is ever the same!

Whether our clients are wanting to lose weight, live well, compete, or sustain gains; our committed, friendly and devoted team of doctors, providers, and former professional athletes are available to transform fitness goals to reality.


Eat Smarter, Train Harder, Recover Faster



The success of any company depends very heavily on the productivity and work performance of its employees. The ability to function and perform at a high level consistently is greatly aided by implementing a Corporate Wellness Program. 

The  introduction of such programs has been successful in that the results are beneficial for both the employee and the company at large. To you, the employer, productivity and profits are the primary concern.  To the employee, the benefits of implementing a wellness program ensures that